Product Introduction

Vacuum seizes and collects insects into the container by high-speed suction airflow.

Product Features

  • Filtration Better
  • Over-heat Protection
  • Fast & Efficient Work
  • ESD Safe

Product Advantages

  • 1.  Filtration-A self-contained HEPA filter cartridge for lead dust, mold spores, etc.,reduces the risk of
    particle dispersion.
  • 2.  The cartridge filter makes filter changes easy, clean, and safe.
  • 3.  Powerful and Quiet-Get the job done quickly and quietly!
  • 4.  ESD Safe-Ideal for vacuuming around sensitive electronics.

Use and Recommendations

  • 1.  Release the two front fasteners and open the lid.
  • 2.  Remove hose, power cord, and attachment from cover storage area.
  • 3.  Remove the orange plug from the filter cartridge and store in unit.
  • 4.  Slide one end of the super flex hose into the filter cartridge.
  • 5.  Attach appropriate accessories on the hose assembly.
  • 6.  Plug the female end of the power cord into the receptacle on the vacuum.
  • 7.  Close lid and latch securely.
  • 8.  Plug the power cord into an appropriate outlet that is properly installed and grounded in accordance
    with all local codes and ordinances.
  • 9.  Turn on the power switch.
  • 10.  These vacuums have a factory installed resettable Thermal Cutout (TCO) for added operator
    and motor safety. If the unit gets too hot, the vacuum will shut down for approximately 20 minutes. Turn the on/off switch to the off position, and turn back on in approximately 20 minutes. Your hose may be clogged, or it may be time to install a new filter.