Product Description

Rodent Glue Boards
Unfold size: (L * W) : 32cm * 21cm
Folded size: (H * W) : 7cm * 7cm
White glue weight (peanut flavor): 40 grams
Valid for three years

Product Features

Surface coating
High quality board
High-quality white glue with peanut flavor


1.The product is mainly used in killing rodents in the environment;
2.The product can also be used in outdoor with other waterproof facilities.

Product Advantages

Anti-pet pedal
Self-contained pipeline
Save space

Use and Recommendations

Open the plate, then fold into a rectangular tube and fasten the buckle.

Place the plate to places where mouses frequently haunt. When placed, keep the tube plate with buckle parallel and close to the wall, window, cabinet, table or door.

Keep the ground clean. Protective measures should be taken when in moist conditions.

According to the actual application, the plate can be folded into other shapes for convenience.
The plate comes with peanut fragrance, and other baits can also be appropriately used. Properly dispose the stuck mouse.


1.Do not allow children to touch.
2.Prevent pet touching when placed in the room, such as cats and dogs.
3.Keep the area clean and avoid water or dust contamination.