Product Description

Sting Em may be used in the exterior perimeter bait stations or PVP Pipe. It is a non-toxic, environmentally sound approach to exterior rodent management.

Product Features

  • 1.  Natural mineral oils
  • 2.  Non-toxic harmless
  • 3.  Fast and efficient

How it works

  • Sting Em is a CONTACT irritant. Sting Em is not “toxic” to the rodent but that does not mean that there may not,
    in many instances, be a “lethal” component. Sting Em is so irritating to the rodent that they will spend most of
    their time trying to remove the irritating sensation from the fur. In the process the rodent will expend huge amounts of energy which may lead to its demise.
  • Rodents “under the influence” of Sting Em become agitated and stressed. Stressed rodents are not likely to be foraging and searching for entry-points to get into buildings. They will be more interested in figuring out how to get the Sting Em off their
    fur and will more than likely scurry back in the direction they came from.

Product Advantages

  • 1.  The product is non-toxic and made from food-grade ingredients, there is no chance of down-stream toxicity.
  • 2.  Once a Rodent has come in contact with the product they will avoid the area and may leave the area entirely.

Use and Recommendations

The product may be used in Bait Stations as a stand-alone product or in conjunction with a non-toxic bait block or other
lure or attractant. Simply apply a smooth bead of the product in the depression and up the interior sides of the station or
in a short piece of PVC. This will allow you to see if rodents have passed through and smeared the product indicating rodent activity. The product is very durable and will not break-down in the bait stations. We do however suggest replacing the product periodically so you can see if rodents are passing through the product.


  • 1.  Do not allow children to touch.
  • 2.  Avoid pets touching when placed in the room, such as cats and dogs.
  • 3.  Keep the area clean and avoid water or dust contamination.
  • 4.  Keep Sting Em off the skin!
  • 5.  If possible Sting Em may be applied to an insert that can be easily exchanged or simply scrape out the old Sting Em with a putty knife and dispose of it in a plastic bag. Excess smeared product can be wiped up with a dry rag or paper towel.