Product Introduction

Installed in the hand drill or bench drill to open a hole on the plastic, wood, gypsum board, door panels.
Material: M42 steel strip
Hardness: HRC52-58
Specifications: 90mm

Product Features

Sharp teeth department
General type handle
Clearance hole
Wide application

Product efficacy

Applied in opening metal sections, castings, aluminum and other metal pipe fittings, plastic sheet,
all kinds of wood and gypsum board.

Product Advantages

1.Sharp teeth department: Sharp teeth and slight vibration. Quick balance when opening making the
operation more stable.
2.General type handle: Prevent skid effectively in working with 10 mm handle, which can carry more
3.Easy to clean chip: There are special holes for chip removal, which greatly improve the clearance speed of cylindrical iron filings.
4.Wide application: Widely used in various types of bench drill, drill, air gun drilling, and all kinds of hand