Product Introduction

This product is for mouse capture, with the characteristics of high sensitivity and environmental
Net Weight: 120g
Material: ABS engineering plastics
Size: 135mm * 72mm

Product Feature

High sensitivity

Product Function

Together with bait in the mouse capture

Product Advantage

High sensitivity of touching: As soon as the mouse touches the trap, it will be captured immediately.

Use and Recommendations

Place the trap to concealed places where mouses frequently haunt to reduce the awareness of mouses.
The front of trap should be placed against the wall due to the mouse habits.
Cut off the food source and put the garbage away to improve the attractiveness of bait.
Make sure the number of trap is more than that of mouse. It is reported that the capture rate of long-term
placement is 2~3 times of short-term placement. For inconvenient placement during the day, you can treat it in the evening and release in the morning for comprehensive prevention.
Be patient. There may be a few days of capture because the mouse is cunning smart and suspicious.


1.Keep out of reach of children.
2.Keep away from pets.
3.Be careful when placement.

Where to Use

Office buildings, kitchens, hotels, warehouses and other places where mouses may haunt or may be