Product Description

This product is used for powder spray. Applicable to dusting operation of termites, fleas, bed bugs and other insects. Using a duster allows you to inject dust more easily into cracks and crevices or inside wall voids where insects like to hide. We highly recommend purchasing a duster when applying any dust products. Note: This hand duster does not come with an insecticide dust. You will have to purchase the dust separately.


  • Oversized bottleneck
  • Adjustable extension nozzle
  • High quality silicone

Product Advantages

  • 1.  Filling the powder more convenient with larger bottleneck and save time
  • 2.  Dosage can be adjusted according to the actual situation, saving the amount of insecticide
  • 3.  High-quality silicone ensures a more comfortable grip and provides more uniform pressure

Use and Recommendations

Pour the powder into the duster, then put the nozzle into the hole. Squeeze the bottle to spray powder. It is easy to use, and the effect is significant.


  • 1.   Maximum capacity is 110 grams, the recommended capacity of 50 grams;
  • 2.  Wear protective equipment when applied with insecticide powder. Avoid being contaminated with the powder;
  • 3.  Washing hands and cleaning face, other exposed skin and work clothes after using;
  • 4.  Properly handle the container and do not discard it at will.