Product Introduction

Designed against flies habits to achieve the best capture results.

Product Features

Environmental protection and safety
Long-term effective

Product Function

The Fly Trap is designed against flies living habits, specifically creating an environment suitable for flies
clustering. There is a bait basin design according to the flies visual, olfactory sensitivity and its optical
principle. It introduces the flies into the temptation with the basin bait. The flies will quickly fly (climb) to the trap area because of its flying climb habit. Then it is introduced into the storage space of the capture area
through the net trapping area without flying out, so as to achieve the best effect of capturing.

Product Advantages

Long-term effective: Green polyester material, aging in five years, long-term use.
Environmental protection and safety: Environmentally friendly materials, no harm to the environment, safe and convenient in the process of using.

Use and Recommendations

This product can be widely used in residential areas, parks, homes, markets, farmers markets, canteens, restaurants, slaughterhouses, farms, green belt, food processing plants, toilets, garbage dumps and
other public places and outdoor environment.

Layout Method

Hanging / placed in the sunny places during the spring and autumn season. Hanging / placed in the dark places (protected from light) in summer. Due to the fly prey fishy objects, it is suggested that choose flies
favorite food, like fish intestines, rotten fruit, fly fly bait and others as the bait. Each trap should be
suspended 1.2-1.5 meters (m) above the ground.